Meet the Team

  • Tim Freeman - Director
  • Richard Chown - Senior Engineer
  • Mike Surtees - Chartered Surveyor
  • Richard Driscoll - Consultant
  • Ian Longworth - Consultant
  • Francis O'Neill - National Survey Manager
  • Gayna Aimable - Office Manager

Tim Freeman MA(Cantab) CEng MICE

Tim joined the Geotechnics Division of the Building Research Establishment at Garston in 1975 after graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in Engineering. During his 16 years at BRE he undertook research in various areas of Geotechnics, culminating in six years as Head of the Foundations Section.

In 1992 he left BRE to set up Geo-Serv Ltd. One of his first jobs was to write a guide for homeowners. Based largely on BRE Digests and his personal experience, Has your house got cracks? became publishers Thomas Telford's best selling book, prompting a 2nd edition in 2002.

Since the formation of Geo-Serv, Tim has been involved in the investigation of damage to some 3000 properties and has offered independent advice to homeowners, insurers, loss adjusters and other engineers. In addition, he has participated in several technical audits on behalf of major insurers and provided Expert Witness services on a regular basis to solicitors and the Insurance Ombudsman.